Programs that I have written
Nearly all of these programs work best with Calmira, most of them are designed for use with it.
I've added screenshots! Click on the shrunken pictures to get an enlargement, but wait until the page finishes loading so it'll be cached when you go back. Unfortunately, the total page "weight" is now nearly 58KB...

LFN to Description Converter
I dual-boot Windows 98 and Windows 3.1 from the same hard disk. This means that whenever I'm in Windows 3.1, I see all of the ~1 type filenames. So I wrote this program which, when run under Windows 9x, reads in long filenames and writes them out to a 4DOS style description file. Then, when you're back in Calmira, you can see what you called your files under Win9x. It is here (102 KB).
Volume control
This is a universal volume control for Windows 3.1. Put it in your applet tray. Please read readme.txt for instructions on setting it up for your sound card - you need to tell it the order you want the controls in and the short names to give them. Download it here (102KB).
Bitmap to icon converter
There is, unfortunately, a lack of icon programs for Windows 3.1x that can handle 256 and 16 million colour icons. Well, this one can. Click here to download (102KB).
Email checker 0.9 (beta 4)
This connects to your email server and gives you details of the mail there, before you download it. It saves you keeping your mail client running the whole time, and probably uses less resources and memory that the client does. Download it here (146KB).
It can play a sound when a message arrives; here are some for you to try (35KB).
I've changed it so you can use any font, but I'd still recommend you get Verdana. If this text is in Courier then you need to download it here (150KB). It will be in Verdana otherwise.
Note that it might not work if you have the Shiva stack (as opposed to Trumpet).

Note that although it has some bugs, I have discontinued development of this program.
This program hides and unhides windows based on their titlebar text - useful for when you want them running but not visible. Download here - 2.6KB.
It's a DOS program that beeps the internal speaker. Download here (4KB).
Windows Corner Thing
I wondered if it would be possible to have a program that docked to the active window in Windows 3.1, and to use it to show Windows 9x style icons. Well, it is. Download here (85.6KB).
Disk space calculator
I download a lot using University computers (ever downloaded at 300 kbytes/sec? It's nice) and have to put it all on floppy, so it helps to know how much space I have left. This program does that - you tell it how many disks you have left, and it works it out, optionally adding the space on the current disk. 90.8KB.
URL Launcher
This program, when associated with .url files, means that you can double-click on them and the website they refer to is opened in your web browser. Make sure you read the readme first, though. Download here (20KB).
CD Ejector
As a response to a question on the Calmira Tips mailing list, I wrote this. If you run it it will eject the CD, unless you run it with the parameter close in which case it will close the CD drive. I don't know what will happen if you have more than one CD drive because I don't. Download it here (3.4KB).
4DOS Unzipper (beta)
This is a very primitive program that will extract files from a zip file when the files have long filenames, automatically creating a 4DOS description file with the long filename. It is by no means a complete program, just an experiment. Download - 153KB.
Dos for Windows
I wanted to run a couple of Dos commands from Windows, but I didn't want all the hassle (pif files and remembering switches), and Dos boxes are ugly, so I wrote the relevant programs for Windows - del and echo. These programs are especially suited to Calmira's scripts. Update: someone asked for copy, so I made that.
Command lineResult
del filenameFile called filename is deleted
echo Message textA message box saying Message text pops up
echo Message text > filenameText Message text is written to file filename
copy file1 file2File called file1 is copied to file2, overwriting it if it already exists
25KB download.
Autorun for Windows 3.1
You tell it your CD letter on the command line (eg. autorun d), it looks for autorun.inf in the root directory, it asks you if you want to run the program that Win 9x users get (they don't get asked - very annoying!). Designed for use with Calmira as it sits nicely in the tray area, and has an icon designed for this purpose (it's 16x16 scaled up to 32x32). It can't handle long file names (obviously, those long filename readers are too clever for me) so it might not always work. And that's all there is to it. Here's the 86KB download.

And now, by request, here's a version with no confirmation dialogue - and it's only 16.3KB.
Screensaver menu
Made for Calmira's applet tray, this pops up a menu letting you enable or disable the screensaver, start it, or open the Desktop control panel (to choose another one). 81KB download.
Run Hide
If you don't like taskbar buttons appearing for certain programs then use this. Just pass the program you want to run as the parameter, and it usually (but not always) runs it 'hidden' (the button doesn't appear), just like choosing "Hide/Unhide" from Calmira's task manager. A mere 11KB download.
Wallpaper changer for Windows
This does one of two things. If you pass it something on the command line, it sets Windows' wallpaper to that (so it helps to send a bitmap file). It does a similar thing if you drag a file onto its open window. If you don't pass a filename, it chooses a wallpaper at random from a subdirectory. It will also automatically exit if required. Once it's open, you can choose between centred and tiled wallpaper, and there's a button to change the wallpaper again at random. All with a completely non-standard interface :o) Here's the 116K download.
Fractal Explorer
(This one isn't Calmira-related at all :-)
Yes, I know, everyone's written a fractal program. Yes, I know this program's quite slow. No, it's not optimised. Go and get Fractint if you want a real fractal drawing program, but this one works and it's quite pretty. Download - 185KB.

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