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Einige bedeutende Dateien zum Download von meinem File-Server (FTP):
File Description
Kernel 4.1.15 for Utilite Pro (ZIP) zImage und Device Tree Blob (*.dtb) für CM-FX6-Boards wie das Utilite Pro Newer Kernel to work with Ubuntu 22.04, without the Kernel-modules
Quake 106 (ZIP) 8880 Kb Latest Shareware Version of Ur-Quake 1
Netscape Navigator 407 (EXE) 8934 Kb Version 407 des Navigators für Win 3.1X
Netscape Communicator 408 (EXE) 17477 Kb Das Gesamtpaket in Version 408 mit Composer, Mail, Navigator für Win 3.1X, latest
Kernel 3.14 Utilite Pro (ZIP) 5645 Kb working self compiled kernel image 3.14 for my utilite pro arm based computer to work with ubuntu 20.04; without kernel-modules
AWeb 3.5.08 (LHA) 2084 Kb Best 68k Amiga Browser, latest Beta, sometimes instable
mTCP (ZIP) 614 Kb TCP/IP Protocoll for MS-Dos based computers, works with Packet-Driver based NICs, easy to configure to go online via TCP/IP and DOS (Free, IBM, MS...)
YAM 2.91 (LHA) 3612 Kb for 68k AMIGAs Yet another Mailer - best EMail-Program for AMIGA based Computers, only need a standard installation of MUI3.8 to work.
Newscoaster (LHA) 498 KB The one and only NNTP News Client for AMIGA OS, works like charme.
cm-fx6_linux_2017-01-11.zip (ZIP) 353 MB  This is the complete environment of LINUX 4.1.15 Kernel for CM-FX6 Board with ARM Cortex A9 Processor, like the Utilite Pro is. Maybe you can build a custom kernel out of this to have a more recent than the 3.14. Kernel is. 

Here you can see a small screenshot while working on this site in Netscape Composer :)
Me working on this HTML file in composer 2022

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