Welcome to thafaker.crabdance.com

Welcome to thafaker.crabdance.com

This is a very small Webserver (ARM based, Utilite Pro named) without SSL for vintage computig Network. Actually this Site is written on an AMIGA 1200 (and on a vintage PC with Win 3.11) with Turbo Card, 128MB-Ram in Expansion (Trapdoor) Slot and AMIGA OS 3.2. They released AMIGA OS 3.2 as a new operating system for classic AMIGA in 2021 :)

You can find something about my vintage computing there on my other website. By the way I hate it so much that every actual browser in the world dropped support for FTP, no Download link for files is accesible anymore when I visit my website with a modern browser.


Google Pagespeed is giving this Website 100 Points and I am very proud :)

Have a look by yourself.

See you soon.

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This Website is always and forever under construction

Started with Frontpage Express and Made with nano on 02.08.2021