Welcome to my vintage Webserver with ftp; Files and Stuff for ms-dos, c64, amiga, howtos, classic mac

Welcome to

Hello and welcome to my Website. This is a very small Webserver (ARM based, here for more) without SSL and https and all the fancy security things for my vintage computig. This website is explicitly for old computers and old browsers. No Cookies as far as I know.

This Website is explicitely available without SSL, but you can reach it also via


I really like vintage computing and playing games, using old software or making it internet ready :) Actually, I use MS-Dos and Win 3.11, an Amiga 1200 or an iMac G3 to surf the web, doing e-mail or playing with networling stuff and visiting BBS or using NNTP and so on. They released AMIGA OS 3.2 as a new operating system for classic AMIGAs in 2021 :)

You can find more about my vintage computing there, on my other website.

By the way I hate it so much that every actual browser in the world dropped support for FTP, no Download link for files is accesible anymore when I visit my website with a modern browser.

Google Pagespeed is giving this Website 100 Points and I am very proud :)

Have a look by yourself.

See you soon.