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This is an ARM-based Mini-PC with a Quadcore Cortex-A9 Processor und 2 GB Ram.
It includes a 32-GB SSD and fireing up an Ubuntu 20.04 with a self compiled 3.14 Kernel (yes, little bit old but still working) 4.1.15-cm-fx6-8.0 Kernel.

He acts as an Mail/SMB/SMTP/Telnet Server for my Vintage Computers.
Furthermore this is an FTP-Fileserver (Link) for some vintage software I found and want to share.

The PC Utilite is a "fanless ARM Cortex-A9 computer delivering high performance and rich I/O in a tiny form-factor". It use a Freescale i.MX6 CPU.

This Server is driven by NGINX as the Webserver, the Websites are all selfwritten HTML-Files. But than, late, I decided to use a CMS, a headless CMS named GRAV. There is a Theme explicitely designed to be HTML 3.2 compatible, so any old browser can read the produced files. Here is a mix of my old HTML and the new CMS files. The Vintage Computing in mind is also the reason to be http without s, so you can reach with any old vintage browser on an Amiga, Win3.11 or a classic Mac. Have fun.

Diese Webseiten sind "best viewed with any Browser", wie man sagt.
Hier entlang geht es uebrigens zur ersten Website aller Zeiten,
erstellt von Tim Berners-Lee im CERN auf einem legendaeren NEXT-Cube.

There is nothing else to report.

This Website even works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.1 :) in IE3.1


Viewable With Any Browser

This Website is always and forever under construction

Started with Frontpage Express and Made with nano on 02.08.2021