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2024-03-04 There is a new version of the C=64 Terminal Program CCGMS with the Name CCGMS Future. I just compiled it and will add the download if it works. Soon to be testing on my C=64.
UPDATE: It works great. The Software is able to switch with F8 in ASCI/PETSCII 40 and 80 Column Mode on the fly. Try it out, good. Here you can read a litte bit more about.
Download CCGMS Future PRG (Web/FTP)
2024-03-01 We are back on the old Server, FTP is working again. No Files
2024-01-29 We are on a new server to keep this page alive, because the selfhosting died. There is no anon-FTP yet, but I try. No Files at all
2023-10-25 We wanted to migrate this vintage website to a new flatfile CMS called GRAV but it doesnt perform on my small webserver. After a lot of struggling, managing, trying-outing and so on I decided to go back to a handful of HTML-Files. It is the best way to explore "THE OLD WEB".
But now we have a new horizontal Navigation and I hope you see and like it.
No Files at all
2023-10-20 Meanwhile we implemented an Update-Concept for this Website, the Server and so on. It is now working and we are happy. Quick, lets check some Mails with the old iMac G3 No Files for this content
2023-10-17 Trying to migrate the HTML-Files-Only Website to Grav CMS. Update #Done Link To Grav CMS
2023-10-09 The Drive for the Newsserver Leafnode ran out of Indoes, while enough megabytes where free. This is a problem occours wehn a lot of snall files are saved. For every saving it needs space and indodes for metadata. if there are a lot of small files the inodes are out. I needed to backup the whole drive, reformat it with a higher count of inodes because now I know I want to store the usenet on it and recopy everything. But it took me a while to figure out what happens here. No Files
2023-09-29 No News at all but the Amiga 1200 with Turbocard is working great again. Only the FD0 Diskdrive is producing an Error in Amiga OS, while a booting from disk directly is working perfectly. No Files at all
2023-09-02 updated that website with macromedia dreamweaver on an iMac G3 - just for the lulz nothing
2023-01-20 Finally I made it. I compiled a new Kernel 4.1.15 for my Utilite Pro Linux ARM Device.
uname -a: Linux utilite 4.1.15-cm-fx6-8.0-g13fe6a7c3707-dirty #7 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 17 13:52:01 CET 2023 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
2022-10-24 Still unsuccessful. Like my entire life. I don't get it to recompile a kernel with all the stuff I know and I downloaded (dtbs, dts, standard configs etc. pp.) wich will work with my Compulab Utilite Pro. Here is a How To to compile. Here is the stuff (ftp). Here is the Kernel i used!
2022-10-23 I try to compile a newer Version of the LINUX Kernel than 3.14 is because Apache 2 is not working with older Kernels anymore. The feature of /dev/random is since then a part of the kernel and Apache with Version 2.4.52 which is now part of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is using this and won't start if it can't find this feature. I don't know if there is other software that needs a newer Kernel Version, but since yet I came good over the time. NO?!
somewhere 2017 Endlich habe ich es geschafft und das gebraucht erworbene Utilite Pro so bearbeitet, dass ich a) ein Ubuntu Linux 14.04. installieren konnte und b) auch einen passenden Kernel dazu. Nun bootet mein ARM-Device und ich kann es endlich fÃr gewisse interne Server-Dienste nutzen. Even No!

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