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Because I like it alot to go online with vintage computers of all sort, I also like BBS, the bulletin board systems from the 70s and 80s. On that BBS you could chat, mail, play and upload/download files, so it were the place to be at that time to hang around. Later there were IRC. You dialed in via a modem on your Macintosh, C=64, Amiga or also the MS-Dos PC.

After they all lost the fight against the raise of the World Wide Web, in recent years they have experienced a new popularity. Because there is a lot of new hardware being produced: all afront the rs232 wifi modems but also network interfaces and so on.

And the BBS have also developed and now support telnet, so they are connected directly to the internet. No longer need a landline and a real modem to connect, both of the sides.

The Wifi RS232 Modems act like a modem, over the internet. The AT-Dial command will connect to that bbs via rs232-wifi modem in a Terminal Software through the internet, but emulating a real modem so you can use a terminal software from 1987 to do that. Like I talked about here, CCGMS. This is reason enough to list some BBS I like.
This is my C=64 connecting to a BBS

My list of BBSes ~11.03.2024

So here is my personal list of BBS I recently visit, you can find me as "thafaker".

Name Adress Port Platform Comment
Level29 23 all For old Computers; Retro Battle Station
WrongNumberII 6405 C64
8BitBoyz 6502 all
thafakerBBS 8088 all my own BBS
retrocampus 6502 C64 ChatGPT for C64


ACHTUNG: Still in development.

I so frequently visit BBSs Systems around the globe, starting with the famous fozztexx BBS, I thought about to built up my own small little BBS, just for fun and to learn how it goes. But as I want to use my vintage Hardware for vintage computing things, I don't wanted to use one of them as a real BBS Machine. So I decided to use a newly created BBS-Software and let that running on my small Linux Home Server. Just for the lulz. I hope I can tell something more in the next time.

And here it is: telnet://

My iMacG3 is connected to a BBS